Clear Charger Plates with Gold Beaded Rim

Clear Charger Plates with Gold Beaded Rim

Elevate your wedding tables to sheer elegance with our Clear Charger Plates adorned with a Gold Beaded Rim. The clear acrylic material of these charger plates provides a seamless foundation, allowing your meticulously chosen table linens and centerpieces to shine through with unparalleled clarity. Meanwhile, the delicate gold beaded rim adds a touch of regal refinement, effortlessly capturing the essence of luxury.

Versatile and captivating, these charger plates are the perfect canvas for a myriad of wedding themes, from classic romance to modern chic. Pair them with crisp white tablecloths and lush floral arrangements for a traditional aesthetic, or juxtapose them with bold colors and geometric accents for a contemporary twist.

Not merely decorative, our charger plates serve a practical purpose by providing a stable base for your dinnerware, ensuring each course is presented with grace and style. Delight your guests with a dining experience that is as visually stunning as it is unforgettable.

Diameter: 13 in

Quantity: 150


If your need more items that the quantity we have in stock please let us know we may be able to get them.

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